Left-hand Additional Mounting bracket


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Simple Pin-bolt Mechanism
Chainstay Measurements
Measure from the rear wheel to the center of the crankset

Mounting bracket for additional bicycles
Which bicycles can the sidecar be mounted on? Our sidecar fits over 80% of bikes on the market.

However, there are certain conditions that must be met before a sidecar can be mounted on your bicycle.
The chain guard must not be completely enclosed.

Partially open chain-stay – suitable
Partially open chain-stay – suitable
Enclosed chain-stay – unsuitable


According to EU law, it is not legal to mount the sidecar on a Speed Pedelec.

The bike needs a standard frame with a triangle for mounting the rear wheel. (See Pictures)

The wheels must be between 26-29 inches (except for specific versions for Super 73 and Unimoke E-bikes).

The Bike frame must not be made of carbon.

High-Performance lightweight aluminium frame road race bikes and mountain-bikes with full suspension are not recommended

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