Left-hand Drive Doggy Door


Configuration costs: -


Dogs can easily jump in without help

The door is a perfect solution for dogs that are heavy for you to lift them into the sidecar.

Easy and simple clasp mechanism

It can be opened and closed with a simple clasp mechanism.

Seamlessly Integrated

However, the cabriolet cover would not be suitable, as it would impede opening and closing of the door.

Options and Delivery

We try to always have the black sidecar in stock with dog door, for fast delivery. If you choose one of the other colours with a door, you should expect approx. 8 weeks delivery time.

* You cannot combine the sidecar with the dog door with our convertible seat belts for kids and rain cover. This will not work this sidecar is for dogs only.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 124 × 44 × 45 cm

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