Delivery time is currently 4 weeks, depending of course on where the product is going. In the event that the delivery of your product is delayed beyond this time period for any reason, we will notify you of the delay, we will explain the reason for the delay, and we will give you the new expected delivery time. Funds are withdrawn from your bank account or credit/debit card only when the product is dispatched.

Product risk:

The risk factor of the sidecar is transferred to the buyer when the product is delivered. SSB-Bikes takes no responsibility for any damages to the bicycle being used with the sidecar. The sidecar can be attached to most standard bicycles such as mountainbikes, city bikes as well as cruiser bicycles. It is however, not recommendable to hook it on to carbon bicycles or race bikes with too narrow tyres.

Shipping costs:

Denmark : Delivery in mainland Denmark (and bridge connected islands): 0 Dkr (complete sidecars only). Other countries: See price at the webshop or contact us at sales@scandinaviansidebike.com for further information. Shipping costs will depend on mode of transport and destination. If you have purchased a sidecar from us, it will arrive in a carton box and will require 3-4 hours of assembling and adjusting.

In Europe the product will be delivered by DHL (unless we advise you otherwise). You will receive a shipment tracking number when we place the shipping order.

Outside Europe the product will be delivered by the company offering the best price/quality combination. If a tracking number is available, we will send that to you when we receive it from the shipping company.

Please note that in case of apparent depreciation or damage to the product, you should notify us immediately upon receipt at sales@scandinaviansidebike.com If we do not receive immediate notice from you of any claimed damage, we will consider the product to have been delivered in perfect condition. You will not be entitled to any compensation for any unclaimed damage, and we will not be obliged to replace any damaged product.


In accordance with European Union law, if you have purchased a product for delivery within the EU, you have the right to return it, up to 14 days after purchase. This right applies from the date on which you receive the product. Once you have notified us of your intent to return the product, you may not continue to use it. When we receive the product, the whole purchase price, including delivery costs, will be refunded.

The return policy does not apply to purchased sidecars with scratches.

The customer pays shipping when returning the product. Returned product will not be accepted if there is postage or shipping due for the return shipment.


Any information provided by you will not be shared or forwarded, except as may be necessary to complete a sales transaction (for example, to authorize a credit card purchase or to ship a product to your address).

If you so choose, your details can be deleted by us at any point, except as we may be required by law to maintain information.


  • 2 year guarantee on all components, excluding tires, inner tubes.
  • Guarantee on installed and mounted hardware applies only to materials and workmanship.
  • Damage caused by misuse or mistreatment is not covered under the warranty.
  • Loading past the maximum load capacity of 45 kg.
  • The warranty is limited to the repair, or in some cases (in our sole discretion), the replacement of parts.
  • Shipping are not covered.
  • The warranty only covers the original purchaser.
  • Rust are not covered.

The sidecar should undergo regular maintenance checks in the same way as normal bicycles involving general check ups and tightening of spokes, bearings and mounting brackets. The first service check should be within the first three months after delivery and subsequently as required. SSB-Bikes offers the first service check for free. SSB-Bikes cannot be held responsible for sidecars that have not had regular check ups

Safety regulations:

  • Maximum load is 45 kg (99 lbs)
  • Always check that the quick release pin is securely locked before use
  • Children must always wear seatbelts when the side bike is in motion
  • Children must always wear a CPSC or CE approved bicycle helmet
  • Always place the highest child in the rear seat belt
  • Do not start cycling when the child lies down in the side bike
  • Always remove the seat belts when the child lies down in the side bike
  • If the sidecar is adopted into a sleigh/pulk the relevant sleigh safety regulations apply


The sidecar is only for private purposes unless otherwise agreed upon by SSB-Bikes.


We reserve the right to change specifications, colours, equipment , and delivery options. If in doubt about what is included in your purchase, please contact SSB-Bikes via email.

Terms & Conditions