Dog’s Corner

The sidecar is really popular with dog owners, as they are in such close contact with their dog when on the road.

The sidecar has been designed with a focus on lightness, which in turn enhances the bike riding experience. It is without a doubt the lightest cargo bike on the market today.

One of our customers has made this amazing video.

A big thanks to Marijoy, Marifae, Jude Tibay and the cute dog, Lucy

folded out as a mattress,

The seat can be folded out as a mattress, so the dog can sit or lie down comfortable.

eye bolt

When a sidecar is sold for dogs, we always mount an eye bolt for the dog leash.

convertible cover

You can also choose a convertible cover. The cover is made of high quality fabric that is 100% waterproof. The same fabric that is used for boats.

Dog's Corner

Find out if your bike fits.

Our sidecar fits 80% of bikes on the market. However, there are certain conditions that must be met before a sidecar can be mounted on a bicycle.

Send a picture

You can upload a picture of your bike, taken from the side and we will confirm its compatibility.

    Mounting Bracket

    How to determine which mounting bracket fits your bike.

    If the length of the chainstay is over 44 cm, (17,3”) you need a long bracket.

    if under 44 cm, a short bracket.

    Dog’s Corner